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Why should you write a blog?

January 01, 2016 | 3 Minute Read

Why should you start your own blog? – apart from the question being as generic as “why should you write a book?” or “why should you write daily diary or journal?” it’s answer is quite vague and depends from person to person, but if you are reading this then you might have already made up your mind to start your own blog.

So, I would like to point out other interesting facts that can be helpful not only in your professional life but also to develop yourself overall.

Here are my take on how writing can help you to develop yourself :

  1. It helps you set Focus

    When you are writing on some topic, it may either start slow or a sudden adrenal rush might push you in, but after few minutes if you get loss, you start to think over it. The more you continue the faster you train your neurons to be focused on a specific topic.

  2. Increase your Vocabulary

    If you are a simpleton (like me), there may have been many incidence when you couldn’t figure out what words to say, even thou you know what you need to say or how you are going to express. Writing, in general, is a good method to overcome this, and for the better or worse, if you are writing your basic vocabulary will soon be exhausted and you will hate the redundant output.

  3. It improves your Reading Skills

    Reading your own written blog over and over again before posting not only helps you rectify your mistakes but also strengths your reading skills. And once you get into writing you will soon be crawling over the web, books, magazines & journals for your content and references.

  4. Makes you better at Multitasking

    This might be controversial topic weather you should multitask or not, but believe me writing your blog is much more productive than your social feeds. Once you are set, you can easily utilize your travel time, or your waiting in line time or that day dreaming time. You can jot down any new ideas you came up anytime on your smartphone and can work on it later.

  5. It makes you Creative

    Writing is still a basic art of communication between us humans. The more you write the more you learn. Remember — “it takes more time to write less”. If you figure this one out, than you have already started to understand how this art works.

  6. It makes you Productive

    Writing your own blog means putting your thinking down, extracting what you think, what your views are and how much knowledge you have (and learning in the overall process). Besides writing a blog is already much more productive than giving thumbs up to an article or photo your friend just posted.

  7. Reduces Procrastination

    Laziness can struck anyone, and even if you put it in fancy package like “procrastination”, it makes no different. But when you schedule yourself to write, you have a goal and once you achieve these minor goals, procrastination will be reduced from life significantly.

And if you are an introvert this might be the best way to share what’s cooking up in your mind and share with the world. Writing a blog would really help you explore yourself and develop overall.