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WordCamp Nagpur - Wordpress Conference Nagpur 2017

July 01, 2017 | 5 Minute Read

#Jai Wordpress

Last week I together with my friends and team members - Akshay, Manish & Swapnil got the opportunity to attend WordCamp Nagpur – A Wordpress Conference in Nagpur itself, (first WordCamp in Nagpur), organized at Chitnavis Center, Nagpur, Maharashtra, India.

The event stretched weekend on 24th and 25th June 2017.


Although being the first, the organizing team which is an active Wordpress usergroup from sometime now, planned two tracks

  • User track : for people developing on WordPress (Bloggers, Podcasters, Marketers, Website Owners, Ecommerce Stores etc)
  • Developer track : for people developing in WordPress(Website Developers, Designers, and various Consultants)

The day started with a bit of commotion, as many attendees didn’t RSVP at WPNagpur’s meetup group, but the organizing team quickly arranged palatial conference halls, made the sessions completely open to every attendee (making it possible for anyone to hop between session in different tracks), and even repeated the first talk in developers track.

There were numerous sessions, many of them interesting ones, each of them outright informative, the complete list is here, but here are the we attended —

Talks Speaker
Setup WordPress on VPS / Cloud / Dedicated Servers with EasyEngine Chandra Patel, Radhakrishnan Mudliar
Rapid Application Development with WordPress Anirudha Prabhune
Understanding Audience for WordPress site Rohit Langde
Do it yourself, Ecommerce Sonal Sinha
Vue.js with WP Rest API Tushar Joshi
Alternative Development Techniques on WordPress Amit Singh
Managing a WordPress Site as a Composer Project Rahul Bansal
Using WordPress for IoT Vikram Kulkarni
Atomic Design in WordPress Jayman Pandya
How to choose the right theme based on objectives you want to achieve Harneet Bhalla
Securing your WordPress Website Karthik Ragubathy
Panel Discussion  

Branding & Swag

The community didn’t left this part out, branding in Nagpurian way was something to amazed, being a Nagpurkari myself; Nagpur’s special Tarri Poha, words like mama, bawa, mahol, hao, etc., (which are common slags in Nagpur), the unbalance mix of Nagpuri Hindi-Marathi, and much more, made it’s way to standee, Wapuu (WP’s official character), networking area, lunch boxes, and all over the place.

[ add swag pics here ]

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Lunchboxes with Nagpurkari slang

A Wapuu standee in smoking zone

Netwoking area standee

WPNagpur official Wappu stickers

Panel Discussion

WPNagpur - Panel Discussion
WPNagpur - Panel Discussion

At the end of second day, the conference came to closure with open panel discussion, (which was likly off-topic discussion in a tech conference), focusing on ‘Making Money with WordPress Website’, one of the reason being this was schedule in user track and the community wanted to give potential WordPress beginners a reason to be motivated.

Glimps of our visit at WPNagpur